Another great bbq, but it's all about that Summer Squash Carpaccio!


 While at the market on my weekly Sunday visit I saw the most amazing selection of summer squashes. I love summer produce. During the summer I am on a steady diet of raw salads and bbq. We have no ac and I just can't bring myself to cook and make my house any hotter than it normally is. Needless to say, as soon as I saw these beautiful squashes I instantly thought carpaccio. I researched several recipes and settled on this one seen on NPR. Since I made the recipe verbatim I'll save retyping it and post the link. I added torn basil leaves to the recipe for added flavor.

The recipe is enough to feed 4-6 as a side so there was plenty of leftovers for Will and I to take the next day in our lunch. Honestly, I thought it was even more flavorful the next day as the flavors had enough time to sit. I think the next time I make this recipe I will start it much earlier in the day so that it allows the ingredients to marinate well.

It's totally ridiculous that I made these potatoes again, but I can't get enough. As it gets warmer, I'll probably abandon making them as it will surely cook my house as well.

We had the squash carpaccio and potatoes with a balsamic grilled skirt steak, which I also got from the farmers market. Remember: eat local!

'Eating Local: The Cookbook Inspired by America's Farmers'


  1. Hi, I'm a new reader. I love your blog. Your photos are great (love love love blogs with great photos! :D) -- Have a nice weekend! :)


  2. Kate! I made this tonight! The squash carpaccio, the potatoes (which are now Eli's new favorite) and steak (although marinaded in balsamic and herbs and modified because we don't have a BBQ)! It turned out amazing and was so nice to have this as our first meal at our new place, out on our beautiful patio. Paired it with a Pinot Noir from France (although wish I could have had your expertise because I lack A LOT of skill in that department). That salad was so yummy and so refreshing. Thank you so much for having this wonderful blog! I love all the thought and planning you put in to making wonderful meals (that also work for hungry cyclists...tomorrow's dinner will be inspired from the stuffed poplano pepper recipe!). Really hope to have you and Will over soon. Thanks again.


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