Bend trip, a photo log, part 2


We arrived in Bend Friday afternoon and biked to see his niece's race, however things were running a little behind and Will had a Criterion race in Bend that evening so we had to leave early enough so he could get some fuel for his race. 

Will has been to Bend a few times for races so he already has some favorite spots. He took me to Longboard Louie's and I had the no carb bowl with Salmon.

Why yes, that is a gluten-free beer I am drinking...and no, it is not very good.

My low-carb bowl looked so good I started digging in before I took any photos.

On Saturday, while Will was on a ride with some of his teammates I went into Bend. Taste of Bend was going on, which is a big street fair with local restaurants, carts and catering companies with stands all through downtown Bend. It was really crowded so I was not really able to capture any photos of what I ate. I did however hear these ladies talking about this amazing rainbow in the clouds and looked up to see this:

On Sunday, we traveled around, with some luck, to see Will's sister, Kate, race in her first Olympic Triathlon. We are all so proud of her, especially her kiddos. Way to go Kate!

Bend is about a three and a half hour drive from Portland so we listened and sang to lots of tunes. Will drove while I took tons of photos.


  1. The photo of the rainbow in the sky is gorgeous!

  2. Love your hat in these photos. You're super lovely.


  3. sounds like a lovely day. have you always lived in portland? i really want to move up there next year.

  4. awww, thanks ladies. ☺

    Kristin, I've lived in Portland now close to six years. I moved to Oregon from Cali to go to school in Eugene and then moved to Portland. I love Portland save for all the rain. It is a beautiful city with great people and lots to do. All I can say is to prepare for overcast/rainy weather for nine months out of the year.

  5. pretty rainbow! looks like a fun weekend getaway :)


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