Outfit Post


I was able to grab Will to take a quick pic for me today as I was headed out the door for work. I bought this straw fedora over the winter when it was on sale and have been dying for a sunny spring day to wear it. It rained a little today, but had a sunny afternoon so I was happy to finally rock it. I think it was a hit, my boss called me 'money'. Here's what I wore:
Jean Jacket, thrifted
JCrew tank, thrifted
Belt, thrifted
Scarf, thrifted
Vintage Coach Purse, thrifted
Brooklyn Industries Jeans, thrifted
Fedora, the Hatter Co.
Black Flats, Me Too

Portland Love

A little Portland love for you today:

Nevele Nevele - Howl at the Moon from Bridge & Burn on Vimeo.


Photo courtesy of Hula Seventy

Dreams of Spring and Summer


I used to ride my bike everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I wasn't one of those fair weathered cyclists, I would bike all the time, mainly because at that time I didn't have a car or work full time at a job that I commuted to. I am embarrassed to say that now, I never ride my bike, and I mean never. However, I plan to change all of that this spring/summer (whenever that happens). Recently, I have been lamenting over not riding my bike. I miss feeling the warm summer breeze as I pedal, I miss riding along with my sweetie to dinner, or a party, or wherever we were going. Needless to say I miss everything about riding my bike. I work five days a week at a job 25 miles away so much of my time is spent commuting by car, but when I get home and on my days off, I still drive. Like the addition of this blog, there are going to be some changes this year in my life, and riding my bike is one of them. I may not want to ride my bike in the winter, but dammit I'm going to start this spring!

This could be me. Photo courtesy of Yuli.bow, Flickr.
 Last night I was talking to my sweetie about putting randonneur bars on my bike and he had been thinking the same thing. I currently have an 80's steel Fuji commuter with drop bars, but I want the upright feel of randonneurs. If you don't know what randonneur bars are it's okay (I didn't till about a few years ago), they curve around kind of like cruiser bars so you can sit upright and not hunched over.

Photo courtesy of The Epicurean Cyclist
Will is a competitive road cyclist so he is thrilled that I want to get back into riding my bike. He is in the middle of his race season and bikes far more than I ever want to, but he thrives on the competition and the healthy lifestyle it promotes. He competes throughout Oregon and Washington and has races nearly every week! Here's a pic of him last year racing in the Twilight Crit in downtown Portland, he won a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant in Portland!
Will taking it to Crush Town. (sorry, not sure who took this, courtesy of Will's Facebook)

The new bars are a little improvement we'll make for now, but one day I have dreams of having one of the Pluto Dutch bikes from Republic. Here's a pic of one I love:

Photo courtesy of Republic
Do you ride your bike or wish you did? Are you fair weathered or any old damn time? I'm curious to see if any one is in the same boat with me.


Visions of Spring


I wish this Oregon rain would just go away. They say this has been the coldest March in Western Oregon and I've just about had enough of it. Lately, I've been having visions of spring and wearing a pretty dress like this Steven Alan Spring Libby dress....

and Joie Wingtip Flats....some day soon, I hope.


Show and Tell

Hello All,

I thought this morning I would share a little eye candy with you. Previously, I had mentioned that my brother and his fiancee had asked my sister and I to participate in their wedding. I recently received from my brother's fiancee info on the dresses for the bridal party and she wanted my sister and I to match. Over the weekend I purchased the dress and thought I would share it with you. It's a pretty silk chiffon dress in "Matisse Blue."
Photo courtesy of JCrew
I'm so thrilled to be participating in their wedding. This is the first wedding I've been asked to be in since my mom and step dad married (sixteen years ago)! I had mentioned before that I am an avid vinyl records collector, well, my brother also asked if I would spin a short set for their reception. I am stoked and can't wait to pillage through my collection and pick out an awesome soul set!

Have a great day!
xoxo, Kate

Outfit Post


Last Thursday, Will took me on a surprise date to see the play, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. It was so much fun to go on a surprise date with my sweety. The play was a great rendition of the book and movie, however, we found it a little bit more lighthearted than the book. On the way out the door I asked Will to take a snapshot of my outfit. I have always been a lover of fashion and have lately wanted to add a Daily Outfit section to my blog. So, here is my first Daily Outfit Post:
Black Motorcycle jacket, thrifted; Vintage flower dress, thrifted; Belt, H&M; Scarf, gift from my bro's trip to Paris; Tights, UO; Clog Booties, Sanita

"The Bay Area and back down. Cali is where they put the mack down." Part Dos

So sorry for the delay in posting part two of my San Francisco trip. I started in writing the original much too late in the evening and then got to busy to finish it this week. I've been a little under the weather over my weekend and have spent much of it snuggling with Cassidy and watching Netflix. So, without further delay, Part Dos:

When my mom originally told me about coming down to visit, both of us instantly decided we had to go to the SF MOMA to see the How Wine Became Modern exhibit. After all, I gained much of my interest in wine from my mom. I have been to the MOMA a couple of times before so on this trip I only checked out two other exhibits besides the wine exhibit.
Total Nerd Alert!

It was a fun and lighthearted look at how wine as become modern, or popularized over the years, and boy, was I ever geeking out during the exhibit. Several times I had to walk up to my family saying, "watch out, nerd alert!"

There was an installation of soil from different vineyards around the world with placards that gave info on the climate, elevation and composites of soil.

One of my favorite instillation was on the poetry of writers and critics, but was accompanied by a smell instillation. There was a row of glasses attached to a funnel and pump so that you could pump the aromas from the wine and smell them. It was funny because above each glass was an elegant descriptor that a critic, writer or winemaker would say about some intense aromas. For example, there was a NZ Sauvignon Blanc, which I mostly would describe as smelling like cat pee, was so delicately described as grass and gooseberries. The instillation made it a point to laugh at these idiosyncrasies.
Smells like cat pee.
 Another great part of the exhibit was an uprooted 25 yr old vine and rootstock with the grafting of American and European rootstock at eye level. There was a mirror below the root too, which was cool to look down/up at.
25 yr old vine and rootstock from CA.

Last, but not least of what I want to post on of the exhibit was a fake of DRC (Domaine de la Romanée-Conti). It was a piece done by Nicolas Boulard, and was presented as a real wine from 1946, however is phony because DRC was not produced that year because of the outbreak of phylloxera.
You down with DRC? 
After perusing the museum we were feeling pretty hungry and tired so we had lunch in the cafe and headed back to our hotel. Our second night we stayed at The Mark Hopkins hotel in Nob Hill, which is sort of an institution of San Francisco. After a short nap, we made our dinner plans and headed up to the top floor of the hotel, called Top of the Mark, to have a cocktail. The bar upstairs had 360 views of the city and was a great way to start the evening.

On the recommendation of our concierge, we had dinner at a Catalan tapas restaurant called B44 it's on an alley street, Belden Place, filled with restaurants and wine bars. Unfortunately, I have no photos of dinner since it was so dark in there, but trust me when I tell you it was amazing! We had morcilla sausages, cod cheeks, mussels, tiger shrimp, leg of lamb brochetta and rabbit paella. Everything was so amazing. We had a stainless steel age (unheard of) Priorat and a Catalan red on the recommendation of our server. We had spotted a nearby table drinking Cava from a porron and asked our server about it. He told us it was a Spanish tradition, mostly practiced in Catalunya. Where families and friends share from this one wine carafe, usually with Cava, but is also served with any wine. Next thing we knew he showed up with our table for one of us to share. On my first try I was reserved, but did not spill a drop, however, the second time around I was a little overzealous trying to tip the porron back further and ended up splashing Cava all over my face! It was a great dinner and highly recommend this cute Tapas restaurant if you're in SF.

The next morning we went to church at the Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption. The cathedral was beautiful with some amazing architecture. According to my brother, it is the same architect who designed the chapel on the University of Portland campus. Afterward, we met my uncle and his better half after she ran the Emerald Across the Bay 12k run. After having breakfast and doing some shopping on Filmore we headed down the peninsula to see their new home in Half Moon Bay. Along the way we stopped for a happy hour cocktail at an amazing Peruvian restaurant right on the beach.
mmmm...Pisco Sour!
It was an awesome afternoon and the first time I saw the California sun on my trip! I was happy to be soaking in some of the rays with an incredible view of the beach and a delicious Pisco Sour!
First sunny day of the trip, on my last day.
It was a great way to end the trip and come back to rainy Oregon. I had a great time with my family and have been resting from all the extravagant food! Cheers!

"The Bay Area and back down. Cali is where they put the mack down." Part Uno


Sorry for the short absence, but this last weekend I was out of town visiting family in San Francisco Bay Area. My brother and his fiance, who both live here in Portland, were in San Francisco because she had a seminar in the city and decided to have a small engagement party with our family who live in Sacramento and the Bay Area. It was a small casual affair, but a great time for my immediate family to finally get together and celebrate their engagement. My parents were so generous enough to use their miles to fly me down! (Thanks Mom and Joe)
Hotel Motel, Holiday Inn! 24th Floor
 The first night was the engagement dinner, which we had with some of our family in the North Beach area at Bocce, an Italian Restaurant. Unfortunately, I have no photos of either dinner we had out because all I had with me was my camera phone, which takes poor quality photos at night. It was a good dinner, but I was mostly impressed with the company and seeing many of my family I never get to see. My brother and his fiance set the date for their wedding and my brother asked my sister and I to walk him down the isle. I was so honored that they asked me to be involved in their wedding. As this blog progresses, you will come to find that I am very close with my brother and consider him to be one of my closest friends...he may even make an appearance or two!

The next morning I headed over to the Ferry Building at the Embarcadero with my mom, step dad and sister. The Ferry Building is one of my favorite attractions in San Francisco. It's like a culinary mecca, especially since it was Farmer's Market day! Yippee! Since it was nine am our first stop was to get some coffee at Blue Bottle. We each got individual drip coffee while my sister got a hot chocolate. Drip coffee isn't exactly photogenic so I took a snap of my sister's hot chocolate made with Michael Recchiuti chocolate, mmmm.
mmmm, delicious.
We then split up to pick out our breakfast. My step dad and sister got bagels and cream cheese while my mom and I split a breakfast sandwich with baked egg, sauteed mushrooms, kale and pancetta on a baguette.
Breakfast with the fam.
Once we fueled up we headed out to the blustery weather to check out the farmers market, which might have our Portland farmers market beat. I was so impressed with all the different produce. I didn't take a lot of photos because, really, how many different photos of escarole and chicory can you have?! I did, however, get this great shot from one of the mushroom stands.

We also spotted an awesome rotisserie truck with a mile long line. They had chicken and pork on their spits and it smelled so good. We had already ate and didn't much feel like standing in line, but I will have to check it out next time. We headed back inside so I could get a few more things I like to pick up while in town like, Boccalone salami.
Every time I'm at the Ferry Building I always want to ride off on this.
At the Ferry Building and farmers market I scored some sun dried heirloom cherry tomatoes, olive oil, bourbon rubbed beef jerky, Meyer lemon marmalade, sopressata, orange and wild flower salami and coffee beans. I should have taken a pic, but we quickly dove into the beef jerky.

Our next stop was at the SF MOMA, which I will continue in the next post, Part Dos of my trip. Until then, I hope you enjoy the eye candy!

Dinner tonight!


Tonight I made us dinner from one of my go to cookbooks, Everyday Food, Great Food Fast. I'm kind of a Martha junkie. In fact, my new favorite cookbook is another Martha publication, Whole Living, Powerfoods. It's a great book with healthy recipes that actually taste good! Back when I was a vegetarian I had picked up a couple of healthy/vegetarian cookbooks and was not very happy with the recipes, just because I was vegetarian didn't mean I wanted to eat bland rabbit food. Any who there are some stellar recipes in Powerfoods that are healthy enough to appease Will, who is a competitive cyclist, and tasty enough to make me a happy, full lady.

Please mind my bad phone pics, I will be trying to upgrade to a nice camera soon.  :-)
Now getting back to dinner. I made us Sole with Tomato and Leeks and a side of roasted pearl potatoes tossed in pesto sauce, however the recipe actually called for Cod, which I would switch to in the future. Also, I did not use as much leeks as the recipe called for, which left the sole with no real bed to rest on and instead sat in it's own juices; again best to adhere to the recipe if it's new to me. Since the sole was long and thin, I rolled arugula in it and added a nice much needed peppery touch to the dish.
I added to the recipe by roasting a side of potatoes and then tossing them in some pesto sauce, which was quite tasting. I'd do some things differently, like follow the original recipe, but not bad for a weeknight meal. I forgot to mention we enjoyed some left over wine from work with dinner, the 2009 Bergstrom Sigrid Chardonnay. And yes, that is one of my many perks of working in a tasting room, bringing home left over wine.
Food looks so much better when it's plated!

Blogging...Round Two!


It's been nearly two years since I first started and last wrote on this blog, which I am very embarrassed about, and am ready to start a new. I've been reading lots of blogs lately from some great ladies that have inspired me to give this thing another go. Will and my mom were always constant supporters of my blog and saddened to see me abandon it, as was I. However, this time around I want to be more diligent about posting, even if it's just to post new inspirations. The full proof way for me to do this is to start with baby steps and schedule time for me to work on my blog. By baby steps, I mean I will start with a dedication to posting at least one post per week on my days off, Sunday and/or Monday. Okay enough of the nitty gritty, now for a little info about myself:
Hello all of you out in cyber-land!
I am 26 years old and live in Portland, Oregon with my boyfriend of nearly four years, Will, and our spry dog, Cassidy. She was actually named after Neil Cassady, of the beat generation, but we ended up misspelling the name!

I work in the wine industry, which I grew an affinity for three years ago. If you happened to read one of my first posts, it was about a job interview for Bergstrom Wines, well I am happy to report I did get that job! I am Assistant Tasting Room Manager and organize private tastings and food pairings at the winery, along with floral and event design/planning. I am working towards my sommelier certification and am a major wine geek.

Aside, from wine I am passionate about good food and enjoy cooking for Will and myself often. I am kind of a hostess with the mostest when it comes to food, wine and cocktails. I am also a nerd when it comes to my collection of vinyl records! Prior to entering the wine field I wanted to be a music journalist. Despite the career change, I am still a huge music fan and enjoy going to shows, shopping for vinyl and making my friends and family mix cds. I've also been known to devote my time to decorating our home and reading blogs on other musings including design, fashion, food and art.

So, here's to my second round at blogging...I hope you enjoy reading and wish me luck!