A Holiday Outfit Post


There has been a little delay in posting this, but it's always hard to get back to normalcy following a vacation. My sister has been plaguing me to post these photos...and rightly so because she was my photographer for these next two outfit posts (thank you Sarah, you did an amazing job)!

I'm really excited to share with you this beautiful dress that I purchased for the holidays from Wanderlust, which is the mobile vintage clothing store I spoke about in a previous Some Faves post. It fits like a dream and is my new favorite vintage find. I think it will also make a very lovely dressy spring outfit.

No need to wear a lot of glittery jewelry as it already is jeweled like a broach with tiny little faux pearls and rhinestones and velvet piping along the neckline and sleeves.

I am totally smitten with my new dress and if you are in the Portland area you should definitely check out Wanderlust!

Outfit Details: Flowery vintage dress via Wanderlust; Coat, Spiewak; Shoes, Seychelles; Rhinestone headband via Nordstrom; Gold earrings, my Mother's; Gloves, Coal.


  1. Ahhh so cute! I love the picture of you swinging on the swing. You look beautiful :)

  2. Very nice. You always were the best dressed at Fi-Fi!


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