Whole Living Action Plan and Chanterelle Tacos


As mentioned before in this post, I am embarking on a food detox and fitness program. I wanted to share with you my progress on day two of my adventure (early as it may be). So far, on day two I felt a little sluggish, due to the fact I significantly cut back my caffeine intake. I've also noticed my increased appetite so I think I will need to eat some more health snacks in between meals. I am hoping a little coconut water might also perk me up.

For my meal plan on day two I had a green smoothie and a cup of coffee for breakfast, a kale/cabbage slaw and lentil soup for lunch and chanterelle tacos with black beans for dinner. In between meals I snacked on mandarine oranges and trail mix, while drinking plenty of water and tea. 

Will got me Super Natural Everyday for Christmas, which is where I found this awesome recipe for chanterelle tacos. This is such a flavorful dish and a great weeknight vegetarian meal. My one complaint is that the recipe called for 12 ounces of chanterelles, but if having this for dinner I would make closer to 16 ounces (1 pound). You can find the recipe here, on the Whole Living website.

Yesterday was also day two in my fitness plan and was a very relaxed day in my workout. Yesterday morning I started with some detox stretches and after dinner I took Cassidy on a 40 minute continuous walk. Today I will be back at run/walk intervals. The workouts have definitely made me feel more sleepy and I am looking forward to the exercise bringing me a good nights rest.


  1. Those look so yummy! Not to mention pretty and colorful. xo, rv


  2. do you use fresh chanterelle's for this or can you use dried? i'm not sure i have access to fresh...

  3. Kate, I used fresh chanterelles, but I don't see why you couldn't use dried if you don't have access to fresh. Let me know how they turn out, might be a more affordable option than fresh. :)


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