Daffodils and a Sweet Vintage Shift Dress


I love love love this dress! It's been quite a while since I've worn it since it was sadly laying in my dry cleaning pile, but I took it recently to be cleaned and couldn't help but wear it the very next day. I picked up this sweet little 60's shift dress up at a garage sale in Eugene about seven years ago! I love the sheer lacy sleeves and the sweet daisy print.

I have the urge to get back to some serious thrifting this spring and summer. I have scored some really cool things in the past...and also, regretfully, let go of some finds over the years. I really enjoy thrifting, but for some reason I kind of let it go recently. I think it's the crappy weather...who really wants to go to garage and estate sales when it's still snowing? Things are looking up though for my wardrobe and thrifting prospects as I see 70 degree days in the near future!

Here is one truth about me: I love shoes, but I am not very good at keeping them pretty. I try and I try to not wear my shoes out, but eventually, and sooner rather than later, they are worn or have stains. I am so bad at it. I love these Seychelles heeled oxfords and I am trying really hard to keep them looking the way they do now. If any of you ladies have any helpful tips for me on keeping shoes looking new I would really appreciate it!

Outfit Details 
60's vintage lace shift dress, thrifted
Sweater, AEO
Coat, Tulle via Modcloth
Belt, thrifted
Tights, Anthropologie
Shoes, Seychelles via DSW


  1. So adorable. I love the dress and the shoes! I just discovered a shoe spray that helps waterproof shoes and cleans them easily. I don't know how I've lived in Portland the past four years without the stuff! Got it at Payless for $4 or so.

  2. What a cute dress! That collar would drive me nutts against my neck like that, but I so wish I could wear it...the fabric is stunning!!!

  3. @JenniB
    Thanks! I will definitely have to check out Payless for the waterproof/cleaner. Lord knows I need to take better care of my wardrobe! P.S. I look forward to meeting you next Saturday at the Meet Up!

  4. @Messy
    Thanks! :) I think the collar took some getting used to when I first got it. It doesn't bother me too bad, but it is one of the few high collared items I own.

  5. So cute! I love the lace! So darling


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