Things have been a little quiet here lately on the blog, but I am happy to be back at blogging today and sharing what's been going on. My sister visited over the last weekend and we had a great visit. We went prom dress shopping, watched movies, ate delicious food and had lots of quality girl time. I am really gearing up for spring, but I wish the weather would follow my lead in the Pacific NW. While many of my fellow blogging friends in the upper Midwest and East Coast are experiencing a lovely, warm spring, we are still getting a lot of rain and even snow! I am really excited about this spring and summer because there are a lot of fun and exciting things happening from my sister's graduation, becoming an aunt and some happenin' developments at work. I was asked to attend a healthy cooking event next Thursday put on by Whole Foods and I am pretty excited to taste some healthy snacks and learn about some new products. Also, I am attending my first blogger meet up on Saturday the 14th! I am really excited to meet some cool blogging peeps and make new friends in this awesome community. Stay tuned here or on my Twitter and Instagram profiles for updates and pics.

In other news...Instagram is now available on Android! I was so stoked yesterday to finally join the Instagram revolution. I've been having a lot of fun the last couple days playing with the app. You can follow my account, ForkandVine, for musings and happenings in my daily life. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your pretty pictures too!


  1. I've heard it's been MISERABLE over there for you guys!! I do NOT miss that!! I've been enjoying the crisp sunny days in Connecticut. But soon I have to move to Kansas...can you say hot and sticky?!

    I was SO excited when Instagram became available for Android too!!

  2. It was such a fun trip! I'm so lucky we were able to share at least one sunny, warm day together!


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