Spirit Saturday: an American Classic, The Mint Julep


In the spirit of the Kentucky Derby next Saturday this week's Spirit Saturday is the Mint Julep. I've got you covered on this true American classic for your Derby party next weekend. You'll be feelin' fine as you sip on these minty treats while cheering on your favorite horse!

The Mint Julep is a classic for the Kentucky Derby. Although it predates the Derby it is largely popularized by the Derby and Churchill Downs expects to serve aprox. 120,000 mint juleps next weekend. The Julep is traditionally served in a silver cup with crushed ice.

Muddle (or lightly bruise) the mint in simple syrup until fragrant.

 Stir your ingredients well.

It's like a snow cone...for adults!

The Mint Julep yields 1

3 ounces bourbon whiskey
6 sprigs of mint
3/4 ounce simple syrup

Muddle, or bruise the mint and simple syrup in the bottom of a mint julep cup or rocks glass until mint becomes fragrant. Add the bourbon and stir to mix. Fill glass with finely crushed ice and stir with a swizzle stick until ice begins to form on the outside of the glass. Top with more crushed ice and garnish with a mint sprig. Serve with a straw.


  1. There is nothing better than a gooooooood mint julep. I just wanted to say that I found your blog through the PNW Blogger site and I'm really glad I did & I'm now following you. I think you're adorable. Stop on by my blog if you want to be internet friends :)



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