Astoria Vintage Hardware


While on our costal anniversary trip we stopped in Astoria, Oregon on our way to Long Beach, WA. Astoria is an über cute fishing town located on the northern most point on the Oregon coast. You may remember scenes of Astoria in The Goonies. Over the last fifteen years Astoria has undergone a major facelift and is now a bustling fish town with great restaurants, a brewery and fun shopping. Astoria Vintage Hardware is a unique salvage shop that occupies the lobby of the former John Jacob Astor Hotel. Filling over 4,000 square feet is all sorts of vintage hardware, furniture, fixtures and assorted flea market finds.

The salvage shop is the brainchild of Paul and Becky, a furniture builder and upholster who met at a flea market. We found various treasure,s new and old, from salvaged furniture and apothecary bottles to fair trade quilts and rugs. Even if you're not in the market to buy anything this place is a charmingly awesome shop and architectural landmark to peruse. The couple also hosts various crafting and repurposing workshops.

I easily could have spent hours in Astoria Vintage Hardware and will definitely have to go back! I've even been daydreaming about collecting some finds to decorate our wedding venue with.


  1. I could absolutely get lost in there. My sister lived in Astoria for 4 years and I loved visiting! Great food, good people and cool sites!

  2. We just drove the Oregon Coast! Beautiful! I'm planning a return trip to visit all the cute shops we passed along the way!


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