Awesomely Bad Maternity Fashion


First I want to say that it is a complete joy to be pregnant. Sometimes, a little shocking and amusing to see my body change so drastically. However, I feel pretty lucky that I am experiencing it and try to keep my complaining to a minimum. I'm half way through my pregnancy now, 20 1/2 weeks and definitely not fitting into a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothing. I've bought a few maternity pieces to wear, some of them I can wear post pregnancy. It's been quite entertaining to see what is out there in maternity fashion. Instead of boring you with cute clothes (there's plenty of it) I wanted to share with you some awesomely bad maternity fashions (because there's plenty of it, also it's more fun). So without further ado, my current favorites of awesomely bad maternity fashion:

First up, cutesy or ironic t-shirts. I don't really wear t-shirts to begin with, and most women don't, however for some reason some women do when they're pregnant. Honestly, the less strangers I can attract from touching my belly, the better. These shirts just scream, COME TOUCH ME! 


 I don't even know where to begin with these shorts. Maybe they are trying to cater to rural teen moms? It seems to me that the shorts should be longer than the sash that is holding them up, but what do I know?

Some people may scoff at me for saying that this falls under awesomely bad, but the architecture of this dress just does not work for pregnant women. What is up with the dust ruffle above the bump? Is she trying to catch the food she drops for a snack later? Make it stop.

 Lastly, the article of clothing that inspired this post, as I was shopping for a maternity swimsuit. I cannot even begin.

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