How Birthdays Should Be

Last night I had the pleasure of enjoying a fantastic birthday dinner prepared by my sweetheart.
My birthday is actually on Tuesday, but Will is leaving Wednesday for a big bike race so we thought we would celebrate over this weekend. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I quickly declared blueberry cupcakes with lemon-cream cheese frosting! I had recently seen a winning recipe on Cooking Light for lemon scented blueberry cupcakes and decided I had to have them.

Will decided to add to the cupcake request and cook me a whole dinner! The only stipulation is that I was not allowed to help or offer input. This was big, if anyone knows me they know how much of a control freak I am in the kitchen...amongst other places. I was shunned a couple of times throughout the execution for overstepping this boundary, so I sat down and caught up on my blog reading as to distract myself from taking over Will's dinner.

We had a lovely sesame encrusted salmon fillet, sauteed asparagus and almonds, and garlic-rosemary roasted red potatoes. The salmon was fantastic and what a great deal Will got on it! He bought it earlier this week at the PSU farmers market from my fellow Native people. It was wild caught pacific salmon and a steal at six dollars per pound! He bought a whole three pound fish, which will make several dinners for us.

Before dinner I went to Cork to pick out some wine with my credit from Darryl, the owner. I got some awesome finds with the help of Pat, an employee at the Alberta location. One of
the picks was a 2008 rosado from Bodega Muga in Rioja. I am a huge rose fan, especially during the heat of the summer. I loved this rosado. It was nice and tart with a hint of minerality. It was like drinking young wild strawberries. Will was not too fond of the tartness of the wine, but also didn't dislike it.

Will's cupcakes were unbelievable! We couldn't resist having one before dinner, which didn't spoil our appetite in the slightest. This recipe is not to be missed. They were so cute since will used the surplus blueberries to spellout H-A-P-P-Y B-D-A-Y!

We finished the evening sipping on some bourbon while listening and dancing to some records. It truly was a great birthday celebration with my sweetheart. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful best friend!


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