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I was thrilled today to receive a call from Sara at Bergstrom Winery asking me to come in for an interview next week. I must have come off as a total giddy schoolgirl on the phone because I am such a huge fan of their wine.

Generally, I am a Burgundy drinker, but love me some Willamette Valley gems. Bergstrom happens to be one of those gems. It probably has to do with the fact that the winemaker/manager, Josh Bergstrom, attended school in Burgundy for his post graduate in Eonology and Viticulture.

Josh Bergstrom, winemaker, Vineyard Mangager and General Manager,
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I love that Bergstrom pinot's don't particularly classify as Burgundian or Willamette Valley in style, but rather dance a fine line between the two. They are elegant wines with juicy fruit, minerality, warm spices, and silky texture.

While, a little out of my struggling, wine student price range I think they make a powerhouse of a pinot. These wines are meant to be aged 3-7 years but also drink nicely young. In the end investing in a few will be sure to have a big payoff.

While working at Fife I was fortunate enough to work a wine dinner in which, Marco Shaw, chef/owner, collaborated with Josh Bergstrom. This was a great opportunity to see just how food friendly these wines can be. I have to start by saying that Marco is a true genius when it comes to food/wine pairings. He really knows how to disect a wine and it's flavors and then build a dish showcasing each of those flavors. He really brings out something special and new in a wine that you didn't initially taste. This was a great event to work, which afforded me the opportunity to try these wines while hearing Josh speak a little about the process he goes through to culitivate them.

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I highly recommend investing in a couple to put away if you haven't already done so....and wish me luck in my interview!

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