Dinner tonight!

Tonight I made us dinner from one of my go to cookbooks, Everyday Food, Great Food Fast. I'm kind of a Martha junkie. In fact, my new favorite cookbook is another Martha publication, Whole Living, Powerfoods. It's a great book with healthy recipes that actually taste good! Back when I was a vegetarian I had picked up a couple of healthy/vegetarian cookbooks and was not very happy with the recipes, just because I was vegetarian didn't mean I wanted to eat bland rabbit food. Any who there are some stellar recipes in Powerfoods that are healthy enough to appease Will, who is a competitive cyclist, and tasty enough to make me a happy, full lady.

Please mind my bad phone pics, I will be trying to upgrade to a nice camera soon.  :-)
Now getting back to dinner. I made us Sole with Tomato and Leeks and a side of roasted pearl potatoes tossed in pesto sauce, however the recipe actually called for Cod, which I would switch to in the future. Also, I did not use as much leeks as the recipe called for, which left the sole with no real bed to rest on and instead sat in it's own juices; again best to adhere to the recipe if it's new to me. Since the sole was long and thin, I rolled arugula in it and added a nice much needed peppery touch to the dish.
I added to the recipe by roasting a side of potatoes and then tossing them in some pesto sauce, which was quite tasting. I'd do some things differently, like follow the original recipe, but not bad for a weeknight meal. I forgot to mention we enjoyed some left over wine from work with dinner, the 2009 Bergstrom Sigrid Chardonnay. And yes, that is one of my many perks of working in a tasting room, bringing home left over wine.
Food looks so much better when it's plated!