Dessert Date Night!

After dinner last night, Will and I went on our date night for dessert at Pix Patisserie. We normally have date night on Thursday, but this coming Thursday we are going to a fundraising event for Leia Tyrrell's recovery fund.  [She suffered a massive accident while racing in the Womens Cat 1/2 at Cherry Blossom Cycling Classic. (Can you see how I worry about Will?) If you cannot make it to the event, I encourage you to follow the


 and make a donation to her recovery fund.]

Sorry to digress, but every little bit will help pay for her medical care. 

So, on our date we went to Pix Patisserie for dessert. They had a few gluten free options, which was awesome. I had a sherry with my dessert.

Will got coconut sorbet with chocolate chips

My dessert was the Conchord, which was chocolate meringue, chocolate ganache hidden by sticks of meringue. It was muy delicioso.

It was a lot of fun to have a relaxing date with my sweetheart, just chatting.