Gluten Free is the Way to Be?

For the last eight years, I have struggled with gastrointestinal issues. It started my first couple years of college and seemed like my body rejected almost everything I ate. I would get sharp pains, stomach cramps, amongst other issues; needless to say it wasn't pretty. At that time, my doctor diagnosed me with Acid Reflux. After that I became very conscience of what I ate: no fatty foods, minimal dairy. Some things I couldn't give up so I tried to minimize my intake of acidic foods like tomatoes, onions, carbonated beverages and caffeine. My symptoms never went away and if anything, they've worsened over the years. Sometimes I am so bloated that I physically look like I'm pregnant (I keep saying to myself I should have Will take photos of me because it's so ridiculous). Last year, my doctor diagnosed me with IBS and I've been following that diet, which is pretty similar, and pretty much cuts out all dairy. I really feel no change except that it is so much worse.

My soon to be sister-in-law has also had as much gastrointestinal issues as I and she recently saw a doctor who ran tests on her which answered all her questions and even told her that she was intolerant of a lot of foods. Her experience has influenced me to go gluten free and seek out a doctor to test me for allergens, over-all gastroinestinal health and Celiac Disease. People that have CD are often misdiagnosed for years before finally being properly diagnosed. I hope that I don't have CD because there are so many things that I love and would miss giving up, like beer. With CD you cannot slip up because it damages your body and takes that much longer to repair itself, it can also lead to some autoimmune disorders.

This week I have decided to start my new diet with no gluten. I will really miss beer, so if any of you have any good gluten-free beer recommendations please let me know. If I don't have CD and find that I am just gluten intolerant I will be relieved because I am still planning to eliminate gluten from my diet, but wouldn't mind an occasional beer or croissant. After reading my blog you can understand how giving up certain foods is painful for me, but am looking forward to a happier and healthier me.

Here's my stash for the next week. I will be documenting my experience and blogging some recipes from Whole Living, Simply Recipes, and Gluten Free Girl over the coming weeks.
I've never had gluten free bread, guess I'll find out.
As a treat I am hoping to go to Mississippi Pizza with Will on our date night to mau down on some gluten free pizza and beer and maybe see a concert or movie afterwards.

Stay tuned for my progress and some yummy gluten free recipes. Wish me luck!