Oh Charcuterie, how I love thee!

It's taking me a while to get this post up, but I wanted to share with you one of my guilty pleasures...charcuterie! After our recent event at the winery my coworker Matt and I went to celebrate with our friend, Mary, her new job. We had cocktails, wine and appetizers at Jory at the Allison Inn and Spa. Jory is a really nice restaurant with great staff, an awesome wine list, and thanks to their new chef, Sunny, a menu that is unparalleled. Our real motivation for going is that our work had recently hosted a comparative staff tasting at the Allison and at lunch we had the charcuterie plate and hands down, was the best I'd ever had.

While waiting for our friend Mary to finish up at work Matt and I ordered some cocktails and Jory's amazing truffle fries. To start I had a delicious bourbon cocktail with Bulleit Bourbon, ginger, lemon juice and a brown sugar syrup and let me tell you, it was mighty tasty.
mmmm...reaching for my delicious cocktail.
mmmm...truffle fries!
I had brought a 2007 Bergstrom Cumberland Reserve from my own personal collection, and also ordered a bottle of 2006 Lumos Temperance Hill Vineyard because we're all suckers for that vineyard.
2006 Lumos Temperance Hill Vineyard
Once Mary had arrived we ordered what we had really come for....charcuterie! We also ordered a cheese plate and side of sauteed kale. To start they rolled out their cheese cart, and yes, they have a designated cheese cart! I wish I had taken pictures of it because it was so awesome. It was like a kitchen cart with a marble top, one the marble top was plates of cheese and a glass dome that rolled up. Take my word for it, it was totally awesome. It's such a great program that they have table side cheese service served by a certified fromager. I can't remember all of our cheeses, but I know that we did get a tartufo (truffle) cheese from Italy, River's Edge Saint Olga, served with their accompaniment platter.

Jory makes all of their charcuterie and, my, is it quite the spread! We had duck prosciutto, rilletts, terrine, salami, and mortadella all accompanies by assorted pickled vegetables, crostini and stone ground mustard. It is by far the best charcuterie plate...I'm just dreaming about it now. Half way through hanging out and gorging on cured meats Mary ordered a bottle of the 2007 Broadley Estate Vineyard, another one of my favorite vineyards in the Willamette Valley.

While at dinner, Matt and I got the great idea to try to partner with Jory's chef, Sunny, and feature their charcuterie in my private tastings at the winery. I'm so thrilled to be working on this and already have a meeting planned with Sunny and the Allison's concierge, Denise, next week! I hope they are as excited about the partnership as I am.

I am just counting the days until I can go back and savor some more meat treats!