Sisters in Paris, a trip itinerary

Next year my sister will be graduating high school. In celebration of her accomplishments and entering the adult world as a young woman we are going on a trip to France! Our trip is called Sisters in Paris as my mom, aunt, sister and I are all going together. I am so excited and over the last year have begun to research and bookmark places I want to visit. My aunt, who is a world traveler, will be mostly planning the itinerary and booking our lodging, but I have a few ideas of places I want to visit in Paris. I, also, have the honor of planning our wine excursion in Provence! So this post is the first in many where I will share with you the places I want to visit while in Paris and Provence!

I'm looking forward to munching on delicious macrons 
(yes, I know they're not gluten free) at Gerard Mulot

Sampling some delectable chocolates from Christian Constant 
(nothing I have in France will be gluten free).

Drooling over the most amazing wine shop and cave in all of Paris at Les Caves Auge.

Picking up some pretty vintage dresses from one of the best vintage clothing shops at Fripes Star.

Purusing the many open aired markets, like this one: Place de la Reunion market, for delicious, 
seasonal fare to prepare in our apartment.

Sharing tips and stories with other world travelers at a supper club courtesy of Hidden Kitchens.

Stay tuned for more musings and please feel free to share any tips and recommendations for 
Paris and Provence.

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