workin' nine to five

I haven't really scratched the surface on what exactly I do for a living, so this post is a little bit of what I do and a recent event I helped plan. At the winery I am an assistant tasting room manager and specialize in hospitality management. That all sounds like a lot of fluff, so to clarify:

First, I am in charge of planning and hosting private tastings at the winery. This is a lot of fun! I offer informative private tastings centered around different themes. Each quarter I focus on a new theme to showcase our wines. Currently, I am offering a Sensory Experience tasting which is a fun way to learn about the aromas in wine and how they are reflective of the climate/soil type they are grown in, as well as a Library tasting which offers our guests a rare opportunity to try exclusive library wines, not normally available for the public to try. In the future I have other tasting themes I will feature, such as a summer vineyard hike and AVA tasting. With these tastings, I curate an appetizer plate of local, artisan made cheeses and charcuterie and occasionally some canapes made by yours truly. I have some much fun planning and hosting these. I have a strong passion for wine and food and enjoy sharing this with others. As of lately, I have wanted to start my own small business hosting these tastings in people's homes and over the year have been encouraged to do so by friends, family and customers. It's something I am just starting to toy with right now, but may develop into something larger in the next year.

Photo courtesy of Bergstrom Wines
Second, I work alongside our Direct Sales Manager and Event Planner to arrange flowers, decorations, and food for our events. I currently have my nursery license and am able to buy flowers at cost and arrange them for all of our events. In addition, I plan and order the food for our large, open house events. Recently, we participated in an event with four other wineries on our lane, in which half the proceeds from tasting fees are donated to charity. For this event, we hosted our tasting in our barrel cellar and had pouring and food stations set up on wine barrels. Here's some shots from the event I helped plan:

I feel I am quite blessed to be at this point in my life. I truly enjoy everything I do, and who can blame me? I get to express my passion with people on a daily basis by talking about a winery I am proud of and the wines they create. I also get to tap into my creativity by helping decorate for events and plan food and wine pairings. I am challenged daily and am learning as I go along, but it has been very rewarding!