Sisters in Paris, a trip itinerary

My apologies for neglecting this feature, but I am hoping to revive it and make it a regular feature over the next year as my family and I are planning our trip to Paris. If this is the first you have read please follow this link for the first post.

My first order of business is learning the language. I don't want to be one of those stereotypical Americans that goes over to Paris assuming everyone speaks English. Although the majority of Parisians speak English, I think it's only polite to learn and attempt to speak the native tongue, and from what I've heard it will get me a lot further. So if anyone has any recommendations for a good audio tutorial it would be much appreciated. I commute about an hour to and from work, which is an ample opportunity to learn the language while killing time in the car. Hopefully, my employers will humor me as well as I practice my Francais with them.

Photo courtesy of Paris in Pink
Paris in Pink is a beautiful and inspiring blog by a French-American Parisienne and she is hosting an awesome giveaway for this book by David Downie, "Paris, Paris." It sounds like an enchanting and real book about Paris and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I hope I win the giveaway, but either way will be picking it up soon and then passing it on to my sister when I'm done.

Photo courtesy of Travel with Terry.
There is something so romantic about a leisurely stroll through Paris with a pastry in one hand. I really hope to relish in the simple pleasures like just walking around the city, it's gardens and museums. I am completely drawn to the Palais Royal and it's many gardens, but especially these chestnut trees. The symmetry and light are a beautiful pair.

Photo courtesy of Julien Hausherr for Hip Paris Blog
Paris is filled with hundreds of eateries from haute gourmet to small charming bistros. It's these sweet Mom and Pop bistros that are calling me. Le Chapeau Melon is a place where I feel my aunt, mom, sister and I can enjoy a nice traditional Parisian prix fixe meal and a simple, delicious bottle of Bourgogne.

Photo courtesy of Hip Paris Blog.
My return to the States will be met with comments like this: "Oh, Kate is that a Dior knock off you're wearing?" with charmingly, smug replies like this: "No, it's the real thing." [wink] 

It will be easy and affordable to pull off after visiting Thanx God I'm a V.I.P. A vintage designer clothing store in Paris that won't break the bank. I've already scoured their goods on their website with designers from Dior to Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent. My sister and I will be in heaven, and I hear they throw awesome dance parties throughout Paris. C'est bon.

Photo courtesy of Repetto
As an ex ballet dancer I cannot begin to tell you the importance of good ballet shoes. My aunt will concur with me on this point, which is why she and I will enjoy visiting Repetto, one of the world's best and leading manufacturers of ballet shoes. Since I am not a dancer anymore I can still support and appreciate their craftsmanship by sporting ballet flats, quintessentially Parisian Chic. I want one in every color.

That's all for my trip dreaming for today, but as always I encourage and welcome any suggestions and tips you have for our trip, they are very much appreciated by my family and I. :-)