Bachelorette Weekend, or the life of a Domestique Widow

I told my friend and coworker, Matt, about how I maybe wanted to start a regular feature about my bachelorette weekends, or at least, the life of a cyclist's girlfriend. He thought it was a great idea, but made the suggestion that I might call it something else, like the widow of [insert some cyclist term here].  The idea comes from the fact that during harvest for wineries all the winemakers/vineyard managers are gone working on the vintage, so their wives are left abandoned and called "harvest widows." I am familiar with some cyclist terms and finally settled on


, which literally translates as servant. However, in reference to cycling, is a term used for a type of rider that works to help the team, which is the type of rider Will is.

Alright, enough about semantics, and on with the life of a domestique widow:

On Friday evening I took myself out for a nice supper at Navarre. I actually settled on Navarre because my friend Melissa works there, but unfortunately she was not there. For this part of my weekend I did not bring my camera with me; I always feel awkward about taking pictures when I am alone. I will really need to get over this fear. For supper I did the chef's choice and they constantly brought out small plates of asparagus, charcuterie, crab cakes, salad with pickled porcinis and blood sausage amongst other treats. I had a 1/4 bottle of Macon la Roche and a glass of a Ribera del Duero. I love Navarre, it has this really great European bistro feel and the menu changes daily on offerings, but also preparation: jumping between all that the Mediterranean has to offer. The restaurant relies heavily on CSAs for their produce so they always have the freshest seasonal offerings.

The next day was Saturday, which I had to work. While I have a traditional 9-5/ 5 days a week schedule, it falls on an nontraditional scheduled work week (Tues-Sat). It was a crazy day with much of the craziness falling on the last two hours. When we were closed in the tasting room and everyone was finally gone I took a few shots of the aftermath, this just a snippet of the mess we had to clean up:

I was so exhausted that I considered stopping at Little Big Burger and getting some burgers and fries for dinner (not gluten-free). Thankfully, my brother put an end to that nonsense and invited me over for dinner. We celebrated Father's Day like my dad would have liked by having a steak dinner. My brother got T-bones and made roasted artichokes, and asparagus. I brought over some charcuterie and olives, as well as Cassidy. Cassidy loves my brother and his fiancee, Theresa. She always has a blast at their house. While having appetizers, Theresa pointed out the beautiful night sky. This time I had my camera and took the opportunity to take some really cool shots.

I did not take very many shots of dinner because it was late and the lighting was pretty bad. Dinner was awesome and my bro is a great cook and host. He gave me a new artichoke recipe I'm itching to try.

Hey! It looks like someone snuck half my steak! Oh wait, my brother and I split a t-bone. My brother soaked the t-bones in milk, which is great way to tenderize the steak and also makes it nice and moist. It was delicious.

I made the awesome rookie mistake of breaking the cork of our wine while trying to pull it out. We then decanted and found their was still cork so then decanted again through a sieve into a pitcher. Not the most glamorous, but it works. Speaking about glamorous, isn't Theresa's ring spectacular? My brother had it custom designed!

On Sunday for breakfast I made myself a delicious treat of asparagus, fried egg and an arugula, radish salad with toast. 

Afterwards, I went to see my stylist, Marissa, at Tiger Tiger Salon. We had a good chat and she cleaned up my shaggy mop. There really is nothing like a fresh do. I felt five pounds lighter and a whole lot cuter than when I went in. I had a packed day of errands, which I was a little too busy with to take pictures, but I got some yummy treats from the farmers market and got a little shopping in at the H&M sale.

So, that is one weekend of a

Domestique Widow

. Stay tuned this week for some really exciting news that I've been dying to share with all of you!