Bachelorette Weekend

So Will is gone again this weekend for a stage race. He is often gone for races during the weekend and I am left for a full bachelorette weekend. My friends and coworkers often ask what I do with my weekend so I thought it would be a little fun to show you over the next few days some of the things I do on my bachelorette weekend. Honestly, they're not all that thrilling and a lot of the time is spent watching movies and self reflection. 

Dinner is usually a funny scene. I sometimes come home and start snacking and end up making that my dinner. I'll have cheese, crackers, olives, maybe even some pâté if I pick it up or if there is any left over and a glass of wine. Or, I'll even get home sit for an hour and then decide, oh shoot it's almost eight and I should probably figure out what I'm going to do for dinner. I often get takeout, or cook a quick light supper and on rare occasions I treat myself out to a nice dinner alone. 

Tonight I was feeling a little more productive so I made myself grilled summer squash and asparagus with a panini (pesto, arugula, roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, finocchiona, and turkey).

I then spent the rest of the evening watching episodes of Dexter on Netflix Watch It Now while cuddling this little lady:

I know, it's not that thrilling, but I really enjoy the down time and get in some extra snuggle time with Cassidy, and really who can resist that face?! Then when Will gets home on Sunday some much needed cuddle time with him. 

Stay tuned as I'll post some more exciting bachelorette happenings this weekend. What are your plans?