Great News!

Okay now for the exciting news that I hinted at yesterday and you've all been probably wondering about: Is Kate getting married? Is Kate pregnant? Is Kate moving to Madagascar? 

No folks, it is non of the above. I have started a new job as the Assistant Retail and Hospitality Manager at Owen Roe Winery! Probably, not all that excited as everything else listed, but pretty exciting to me. This has been in the works for a while, but I wanted to wait to announce it until I actually started.

It was a very thought out and difficult decision to make to leave my position at Bergström Wines because they are such a wonderful family to work for with truly beautiful wines, but I felt it was my time to move on and do bigger things else where. 

Last Friday was my second to last day and the Bergström family and colleagues so graciously sent me off in style. Josh, their winemaker, brought in these bubbles to celebrate and toast to my farewell. It was so wonderful to have such a sincere and heartfelt send off. And yes, the Champagne was



Today was my first day at Owen Roe and I already feel great about working at such an awesome winery with great wines and great people. I am working directly with my friend Patty who I had worked with previously. We work really well together and have a great relationship and am so happy to be working with her again. I will be taking things in for the next week, but look forward to doing great things.

Will and I be going to Bend this weekend with his family to cheer them on for a triathlon. I will have a couple of posts before then, but stay tuned for our adventures in Bend.