Summer is good food and great friends

Finally, summer has come to Portland! Us Portlanders were starting to wonder if we would have a repeat of last summer, but we were pleasantly surprised by a peek of summer this weekend. 
On Sunday, which happens to be my Saturday, I went to our local neighborhood farmer's market and picked up some delicious produce and flank steak to barbecue. It was our first bbq of the season and I hope to have many more this year. You hear that Mother Nature! We had our friend Mike over and it was a good night with delicious food, tasty wine and good peeps. The funny thing is last year we rarely barbecued because I am sad to say it, but we were a little barbecue challenged. We have a teeny tiny grill and were not using a chimney. Big mistake. I finally invested in a chimney and it worked splendidly. We had hot coals in no time!
 I made grilled flank steak marinated in soy sauce, sangiovese, smashed garlic and thyme. We cooked it perfectly to medium rare.
Like I had said before, our grill is an itty bitty thing so I had to use my grill pan to grill these local asparagus and garlic spears.
 I also picked up some local spinach and made a potato salad from this recipe. I think it is my new favorite potato salad recipe. It has a creamy yogurt, walnut dressing that is light and tangy.

This picture of me is rather funny. I look like I am praying to my food, or the bbq gods.
I love dinner parties, there's always good food and good conversation.

What did you do with your weekend?