Cherry Clafoutis (FAIL)

I feel it is only right to share my culinary failures to show you that I am, unfortunately, human and do not always have culinary triumphs in the kitchen (although I would like to). In fact, I often have fails, but I mostly choose not to share them. I did, however, choose to share this fail because it tells you a little bit about myself and who I am in the kitchen. This fail is gluten-free cherry clafoutis.

Let it be known: I am not a baker. I have never been a baker and probably never will be a baker. I am a cook. That is not to say that I condemn baking. I love baking, I wish I could do it successfully, I admire those that do it successfully. I long for the days that I could easily whip up croissants, pie crust, or cupcakes like it ain't no thing, but sadly I am sure that day will never come. I blame it on my genes. This will come as no surprise to anyone in my family, but I come from two generations of non-bakers. My mother is not a baker and my grandmother is not a baker. I don't think either will be offended that I shared this, in fact my mother will freely admit she is not a baker. She is a cook, and a great one at that if I might say so! As for my grandmother, the only thing I remember her baking are her chocolate chip, M&M cookies and who doesn't love candy in cookies? They are delicious and I still love them.

Honestly, I don't know where I went wrong in this recipe. I followed a recipe verbatim, but it just didn't turn out well. I'm not really sure if it is the recipe or that I didn't cook the clafoutis long enough, but it ended up being very egg-y. It kind of tasted like sweetened scrambled eggs. Will tells me I'm too hard on myself (he practically ate the whole thing as I wouldn't touch it beyond the first slice), but this clafoutis was just wrong. And who messes up clafoutis? It just tells you how bad of a baker I am.

Really, the point of all of this is to prove how bad of a baker I am, after all I have my faults, I'm only human. I will stick to cooking and the few things I can bake, like berry crisp, and save baking for those with the patience and talent that can bake. I hope this weekend to follow up this post with berry crisp as redemption and show you the one thing I can bake.

...and if you can bake, you are always welcome at my house. I promise I'll make you a mean cocktail and a delicious meal!

FYI, Cassidy enjoyed the rest of my slice.