Journal Day #2, Giving My Life Purpose

I am happy to bring you another installment of Journal Day. I am really happy to participating in this community of bloggers sharing their journal entries, as well as a big thanks to Danielle over at

Sometimes Sweet

for organizing, hosting and providing the prompts for

this journaling activity


The older we get, the more certain we get about who we are and what our purpose is.  For me, a lot of it is still unknown, but as I make my way down my own path, I have begun to realize that there are indeed some inevitable truths that I know for sure. On your own blog, write a post that talks about "the one thing you know for sure."

While I do not know yet, in the greater scheme of things, what my purpose is I do know

the one thing for sure

is that I need to have an activity to stay focused on. This one thing may or may not be what my purpose is as an individual, but it gives me purpose in my life. I have always needed some sort of activity to focus my attention on in order to be a successful person, and maybe we're all this way, but speaking for myself, I am lost without one thing to work towards and I can admittedly say I have been lost for many years of my life.

When I was young, I was an aspiring dancer and was in company for both jazz and ballet. Even as a child, I worked very hard on my craft and despite being a shy child, felt that performing helped me come out of my shell a bit. In high school, I focused on two things: my athletics and leadership as a track captain, as well as my love and passion for writing. As I worked on both of these I only flourished as an individual and a student. I only wish I had continued these activities on in college; I am sure others in my family wish the same thing. Without having a clear focus or some activity to work on I lost site of my goals. I focused more on activities that didn't matter, that didn't better me as a person and inevitably made me do poorly in school to the point where I dropped out of school. This is my biggest regret. 

When I speak about being lost it is a painful thing for me to talk about. I was lost for many years in the last decade. After not doing well in school I moved to Portland, nearly six years ago hoping a change in scenery would help. Will and I met while I was in the midst of my fog, and bless his heart, he still saw the good and potential in me as a person. He has been with me through turbulent times and has seen me grow and change over the last four years, as I have seen him evolve and grow as a person and with his passions. 

It now has been three years since my passion was reignited and I feel I have something greater to work towards. I enjoy food and wine and everything that goes along with it. Starting this blog has been an extension of that and has given me greater focus, or at least one step closer, to purpose in my life. I am better at everything else in my life because my focus towards my passions. I can think clearer, I am better at maintaining the relationships that are important to me, I procrastinate less and less and am thriving in my career. I am not quite sure yet if my passion for food and wine is my purpose in life, but I can say for sure that it gives me purpose.