Scenes from my new job

I thought it would be fun to share some photos with you of my first month at my new job. In June I began my new position as Assistant Retail and Hospitality Manager for Owen Roe.

We are on a private road so we are only open by appointment and it is quiet on our road, but I love driving up in the morning because of how gorgeous the road is framed by these trees.

There are sheep that graze throughout the property. I have heard that they sometimes get out...I hope this never happens on Saturdays when I work alone!

We recently bottled two of our chardonnays prior to me starting at Owen Roe and now have released one of those chardonnays so we had a staff tasting of the two to share our personal tasting notes. Aren't the labels lovely and unique? I especially love the woodcut label we have.

My tasting notes.

One of the best perks about my new job is that we have a family style lunch Monday through Friday. We have a couple of chefs on staff, and one that makes their own wine at the winery, that make the most amazing meals. Our winemaker and owner believes in using the freshest, local ingredients and gathering together to enjoy it. I thing it's a wonderful philosophy and is practiced throughout European wine regions year round.