Scenes from the weekend

This last weekend we attended my friends, Matt and Nichole's, wedding in McMinnville. The ceremony and reception were on her parent's property which is absolutely breathtaking. They had beautiful gardens, a sprawling lawn and cute little pathways linking them all. My photos do not even do it justice.

Nichole made these cute little signs throughout the gardens and pathways.

It's funny, but Will and I never partook in the photo booth because we were dancing so much. I literally spent the entire night laughing and on the dance floor. My calfs and abs are still aching from all the action!

We camped out with many of Matt and Nichole's friends. While setting up our tent I stole a couple of shots of them while they were posing for the photographer.

There was lots of beer and wine consumed, which may have explained all the dancing later in the evening.

I keep laughing every time I see this photo because I look crazy. This was during the bouquet toss and I was turning around to tell my friends how that bouquet was mine. FYI a little girl caught the bouquet. She's totally next to get hitched.

It was a beautiful wedding and Will and I had so much fun. Next up is my brother's wedding later this summer and I can't wait!