Sisters in Paris, a trip itinerary

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Over the weekend, Will and I went to see Midnight and Paris and cannot say enough wonderful things about the film. It made me fall in love with Paris the same way that Amelie and Breathless have and I am itching to go. So in spirit of the movie here are some lovely guides, activities and places that I've been dreaming of going and will hopefully have me falling in love with the city once I go. So without further ado, another installment of Sisters in Paris:

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There's nothing like perusing shelves of books of all the literary greats that have once called Paris their home as strolling through The Bibliotheque Nationale de France, which was open to the public in 1692, but was moved to newly constructed buildings on Rue de Richelieu in 1868. The library now contains more than twenty million volumes!

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It may be incredibly cliché, but one day I would love to visit the market getting whatever is local and fresh to make a picnic; and then dining under the Eiffel Tower in Le Parc du Champ de Mars with Champagne or a chilled bottle of Provençal Rosé.

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It's a culinary fantasy to dine at Jacques Lacipière's Au Bon Accueil. It's posh dining at it's best and with views of the Eiffel Tower you can't lose. Though I could never afford it, it's always nice to dream right?

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Another place to be among the literary greats, or at least where they are buried, is at the Cimetière du Montparnasse. I love the scene in "Paris, Je T'aime" when the couple comes to Oscar Wilde's headstone and are fighting about wit and spontaneity. Have you seen it? It's a great film of vignettes and will surely reaffirm your love of Paris.

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Wouldn't it be amazing to travel down the Seine in a boat? You can rent barges for a couple of nights and float down the Seine that way or have lunch on one of the many boat or barge restaurants. I might even just be content to stroll alongside at dusk.

Book covers courtesy of The Little Bookroom

Have you heard of The Little Bookroom? They have note cards, journals and these very sweet city guidebooks. The guidebooks range from chic shopping, best markets, as well as best brasseries to visit. The books are beautifully done and are not your run of the mill guidebooks. I'm hoping to pick up a couple for myself and my sister.

As always, I welcome any tips or suggestions you might have for our trip to Paris. I look forward to hearing some of your favorites!