Some Faves this Week:

 Here's a roundup of my favorite things this week:

Going record shopping at Mississippi Records with my neighbor Pam. I picked up a great soul album by Marva Whitney that was produced by James Brown. I came home immediately and played said album at full volume.

Building a fort in my yard so I could enjoy the sun and the shade simultaneously. Cassidy didn't quite understand what it was all about.

Screen shots of Gone with the Wind via Netflix

I watched the first half of Gone with the Wind this week for the first time in fifteen years. While the content and subject matter is rather questionable, I forgot how beautiful the set and cinematography was.

Photo courtesy of

Simply Recipes

I'm dying to try


very refreshing recipe by Elise at Simply Recipes for Cucumber Lime Mint Agua Fresca. I wish I had the ingredients now so I could be enjoying this in my fort on such a summery Portland day.

I know it's summer and you really should be taking advantage of the lovely weather and being outside, but one of my favorite summer activities is to go to the movies on a hot day. I can't wait to see The Trip. This looks hilarious and earlier this spring I heard the NPR, Terri Gross interview about it which was quite entertaining.

Speaking of going to the movies, having date night with Will last Sunday to see Midnight in Paris was my absolute fave this week. Love love love.