Some Faves this Week:

Sorry for the silence the last couple days, but we've had quite the weekend. It's actually taken me a little bit to recover from all of it. On Saturday we went to a friend's wedding and camped out afterwards. I will post pics in the next couple days once I get them all edited. Here's a recap from some stuff I loved this past week:

To My New Backyard (A Love Letter)


Jaime Morrison Curtis




This is such a lovely video I found via

Design Sponge


Jaime Morrison Curtis

, an LA based author and editor decided to transform her patio space into a summer time entertaining area and made this film to document the process. I am totally envious of the space and all the little touches.


I must be trying to relive teenage angst or something because I have been addicted to watching My So Called Life this week. I can't get enough of Angela and all of her Jordan Catalano drama. It is seriously awesome.

I am officially on the Google+ bandwagon (thanks


for sending me the invite!) and I love it. I'm still trying to figure a lot of it out, but I really love how clean (free of ads) and organized everything is.


Okay...okay...I cheated. Actually I cheated a couple times this week eating gluten. Once for a going away party at work on Friday, again at our friend's wedding, and lastly I had a major hangover craving for burgers. I had Will make a burger run to

Little Big Burger

 yesterday evening. I think it totally made my week. I had two cheeseburgers (they are a little larger than a slider) with chevre and truffle fries with their house made fry sauce. I already want more.

And lastly I leave you with this gorgeous film of Paris as part of

Live the Language

's ad campaign. I found this via Kelly Ann's blog

The Flowerchild Dwelling

. My family and I have started to shop for airfare for our trip and I am getting really excited, but this film reminded me I need tackle learning the language asap.