Summer Vegetable Stew

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. I am totally addicted to Foodgawker. It's like Pinterest, but just for food and drink. I spend entirely too much time drooling over the photos and occasionally I will try my hand at the recipes.

The recipe calls for serving it warm or at room temp., but I enjoyed the stew at room temp. and chilled the next day.

I don't know why I haven't been doing this technique of mincing garlic sooner, but I am in love. I think I might have seen it on another blog, but it's super time saving. However, if you're cooking the garlic at medium temp or more I would advice against this technique as it would burn..

I might have mentioned before that I am a control freak in the kitchen. Well I am also pretty tidy and organized too. I like to practice "mise en place" in my kitchen. It's a French culinary technique which literally means "everything in place." It is a very useful technique in which everything is prepared, measured out and utensils are placed out so that you are not trying to find something when you've already begun cooking. It is a very useful and efficient culinary technique which requires a bit of practice, but it will save you time and worry when cooking.

I'd be interested in adding a little pepper to this recipe and blending it into a gazpacho. I love gazpacho and this recipe has all the awesome summer ingredients to make an amazing gazpacho.

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