Talisman and My Father

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Kyla Roma

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I loved that her talisman is a reminder of her wonderful life decision, but also encourages her to work hard for her goals. After reading, I was inspired to share my talisman.

My talisman is a gift from my father. It is an American Girl locket with a picture of him inside and is a reminder that he is always with me.

I asked for this locket for Christmas when I was nine. That year, my father showered me with gifts, including the locket, however it was the most treasured. I have always had this picture of him in it, even when he gave it to me.

When I was eleven my father died in a freak accident and for a while after, I wore the locket nearly every day as a reminder that he was still close. I am much older now and don't need to wear the locket every day to know that he is close in my heart, but when I do wear it I like to open it and look at his beaming face. It is a comfort to know he is there.