That's a very bad blogger!

It's true. I am a bad blogger. My apologies for going M.I.A. I guess I just needed to unplug for a while. It started with me coming down with a cold mid-summer (who gets sick in the middle of summer?) followed by my neck/back getting injured. You would think being laid up would give me ample opportunity to blog, but instead I just watched movies and episodes of Mad Men in bed.

Fear not friends, I am back and ready to kick butt at life! I have been feeling energized enough this last week to go out, I thoroughly cleaned my house yesterday, and have planned some new things for Fork and Vine. I will be unveiling a new feature this Wednesday so stay tuned, as for now I will stay mum to keep it a surprise.

Here are some shots from my hiatus to give you a clue as to what I've been up to:

Enjoying Happy Hour at Clyde Common with my friend Morgan.

We shared this pancetta wrapped trout stuffed with spinach. Yummers!

Watching the sunset on the waterfront with Morgan and some cold brewed Stumptown, which I probably should not have had at eight in the evening.

I put my new hand mixer (thanks Mom and Joe!) to some use and made whipped cream for this delicious trifle of gluten free angel food cake and berries.

One of our customers at work brought in these delicious tomatillos from their garden to share with our staff. I took some home and made a prawn stew with them. Recipe to follow this week.

 Will's sister, Kate, was gracious enough to share her concert at the zoo tix of Imelda May with us. We met her and her kids and friend at the zoo. Emma and I had a good time dancing.

Kate captured this great photo of Will and I. We like to coordinate our outfits!

 Last Friday I met up with my brother and his friends at Gilt prior to watching Will race in the Twilight Crit. My brother was kind enough to have a Moscow Mule waiting for me.

We then headed over to cheer Will on in the Twilight Crit. He did amazing, I am so proud of him!

To all my blogging friends, what do you when have a block? How do you stay motivated to keep up with posts? I'd really love to hear from you and how you combat these roadblocks!