A Hike and the Wonders of Forrest Park (photo heavy)

Before I tell you about our hike and some history about

Forrest Park

I wanted to warn you all that this post is considerably photo heavy with Retro app photos. I wanted to capture our fun adventure and as well as the beauty of Forrest Park, so bear with my trigger happy photos!

Forrest Park is one of those reasons that Portlanders have chosen this great city to live in. It's lush, full of trails and right in our backyard. I have Will to thank for the idea of this post, which is to share with you the wonders of Forrest Park and those who work to conserve it.

Crossing the

St. Johns Bridge

on our way to Forrest Park. 

Forrest Park is the largest urban park in the country. It spans 8 miles on hillsides that overlook the Willamette River. The park covers 5000 acres of land and includes mostly second growth forrest with some old growth. There are 40 miles of trail loops throughout the park, which makes the park optimal, hiking, trail running, and cyclocross/mountain biking.

Some of the trails are more populated than others. We hiked through a less populated trail so that Cassidy could be off leash, although technically this is against the rules.

Forrest Park is home to 112 to native species of birds and mammals, which is largely due to the early conservation work that began in 1899 and has continued over the years. The City Club in 1948 worked towards preserving the inner 3000 acre core as city parkland. Friends of Forrest Park is a group that largely has worked on the conservation of the park, beginning in 1989. Their work has been so large and important to the conservation effort that their once small operation has now evolved into

The Forrest Park Conservancy


Forrest Park lies within the Western Hemlock zone and is populated by Douglas-fir, western hemlock and western red cedar. I actually remarked to Will several times on the hike how fragrant the cedar was.

If you are visiting Portland I highly recommend strolling through the park and contributing to the

Forrest Park Conservancy

.  You will see every shade of green we have in Oregon and have a greater appreciation for the conservation effort our city has in preserving the park and its inhabitants.

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