Some Faves this Week:

Sorry about the silence this past week on Fork and Vine, but I'm back now and ready kick this week off with a collection of some of my favorite inspirations last week. Etsy and Pinterest was definitely a running theme for me.

I've busy pinning up a storm on Pinterest this week. Here's a screenshot of some of my boards and a few of my favorite pins:

Photo by Kristian Schuller via


Photo by Luminous Lu via


Three Pink Poppies painting by Cherie Dirksen via


Are you on Pinterest? I love it, but find it slightly addicting. I keep wanting to add more inspiration boards, but I'm already at a whopping

28 boards

! Please feel free to share your Pinterest info; I'd love to start following you and see what fun stuff you're pinning!

Besides going "pin crazy" this week I've been "hearting" a lot of my Etsy favorites. I think Etsy is pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have found so many great independent shop owners with unique wares and vintage treasures through Etsy. Here's what I've been loving this week:

Hanging fruit basket by

Vessels and Wares 

I love how creative Vessels and Wares has taken a classic kitchen staple and put a lovely spin on it. These are really unique and would love to get one of them to hang in front of my kitchen window.

20s Flapper silk chiffon dress via


This is not the only flapper dress I "hearted" this week, but it is my favorite. I am utterly in love with the 20s flapper/gatsby style. I love the draping and low waist, which elongates most figures...and let's be honest, I kind of have the hair to match! The colors of this dress remind me of the brushstrokes in a painting.

Floral wrapped rose cut diamond by


I've been following Kate Szabone's shop for a while and find her rings to be absolutely breathtaking. She works with fair trade stones that are rose cut laid in silver, yellow gold or rose gold settings. This ring is by far the most unique I have seen in her shop, both organic and romantic.

My last favorite is the music of Dan Auberach's protege, Jessica Lea Mayfield. She has been on constant repeat on my ipod this week. I get lost in her vocals as well as the Americana sound of the melodies. Beautiful.