Spirit Saturday: Blackberry and Mint Crush

Oh man, I have some serious blogging probs when I bring you another alcohol induced post! I think a tripod is on my Christmas list this year so that I can take my own outfit photos, otherwise I am waiting till Sunday for Will to take them.

I have been wanting to try this recipe for some time now. It has been on my Pinterest board, "Tasty Libations" for a while. It is definitely a late summer cocktail, so I suggest making it now before there are no blackberries to be found!

Warning: this cocktail goes down pretty easy so be careful to not drink too many!

Blackberry and Mint Crush,

yields 1

Adapted from

Martha Stewart

6 Blackberries

3 Mint Leaves, torn

1 tablespoon Lemon Juice

1 tablespoon Simple Syrup

2 oz. Vodka


Mint for garnish

In a tumbler combine blackberries, torn mint, lemon juice and simple syrup. Lightly muddle until blackberries breakdown. Add ice to fill the glass and vodka. Stir until well incorporated. Add seltzer water and stir some more. Garnish with mint leaves and serve.