A Certain Someone's Birthday!

Today is my sister's seventeenth birthday! Sarah I have seen you grow into such a poised, witty, intelligent and beautiful young lady. I am totally blown away by the poignant and remarkable things you say sometimes.

You have such a kees sense of humor that you make me laugh...almost to tears sometimes. I miss not having you near, but I love our video chats because they always feel like we pick up where we left off. You are the kindest soul who earnestly cares about what is going on in my life and are the most attentive listener to my ramblings. You are so beautiful. I have always admired your curls and sky blue eyes! I am proud of the strides you have made in the last year and the confidence you have in your self. I wish I could celebrate with you today, but we will get to celebrate the holidays soon enough when I am home. 

Happy Birthday Sarah!

I would be elated if you all would wish my sister a happy birthday. She is one of the biggest supporter's of Fork and Vine...and commentator, and I would love it if you sent a few birthday wishes her way!

Cheers! xoxo, Kate