DIY Project: Shadow Box Jewelry Holder

I made this shadow box jewelry holder for my sister-in-law for Christmas this year. I've seen tons of tutorials for this in 2011 and my friend, Patty, sent me the Martha Stewart instructions and couldn't resist making this simple project.

You will need: a shadow box with or without fabric backing (glass removed), favorite fabric, scissors or rotary tool, tape measure, pins, staple gun and hammer, cup hooks.

Measure the shadow box backing and then measure the fabric by adding an inch to each side. Using fabric scissors or a rotary tool, cut fabric.

Lay out the fabric and place backing over it. Flip the two over and, if the backing has fabric or felt, pin the fabric to the backing.

Fold the fabric, keeping taut, over the backing and staple to the edge. There will be left over fabric, which you can trim up once done.

Hammer the staples down to make sure they are flush with the fabric and backing. Now you can trim up the excess fabric.

Use a drill bit to drill holes for the cup hooks and screw in however many you want. Reassemble the frame and hang your favorites baubles to your new jewelry holder!