Happy New Year...and to a New, Fitter Me!

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Happy New Year! I am sad to see 2011 go as it was a very eventful year for me, but I look forward to the new possibilities that 2012 will bring. 2011 brought many joyful events and triumphs:

  • The rebirth of Fork and Vine blog
  • A new job and career growth
  • A new sister-in-law
  • New found confidence in myself
  • New friends in the blogging community

For a long time there is one aspect of myself that I have wanted to change: my fitness. The fact is that I am not a fit person. I do not exercise. I do not stretch. I do not dance. I am a little ashamed to make these statements, although they are true, and painfully feel the need to change this. I am not big on New Year's resolutions, but this is a promise and change I want to make in myself. There are other goals that I have for the coming year, but by far the largest is to become a fit and active person. Over the last two days I have been working on a fitness plan that will successfully work for me and am happy to share with you my progress (and bad days, because we all know there will be bad days).

Last year I participated in the

Whole Living 21 Day Action Plan

, unsuccessfully. I had very good intentions to start, but did not equip myself with the proper tools to complete the program. This year I am following their 21 Day Clean Eating Action Plan and am really excited to do well at it my second go around. The plan is a detox diet rich in fruit and vegetables, legumes and healthy, low-allergen grains. The first week is a gluten, dairy and meat free diet and each week after slowly reintroduces them back to your diet based upon your tolerance levels.

The fitness plan I am following is a combination of stretching and

The Runner's World 8-Week Beginner Runner's Training Program

. It is a slow and steady program that I think will be perfect in easing back into running. I have scheduled all my stretching and workouts on my calendar to ensure that I will complete them. I am also blessed with the loving support from my fitness guru, Will. He is very excited about it and is very supportive in helping me stick with it.

So far, my first day with the eating and fitness plan have been great. I successfully completed my workout this morning, which was running and walking intervals for 30 minutes. The diet has been really refreshing as well. For breakfast I had a mango, banana and coconut-water smoothie; and for lunch an avocado with bell pepper and tomato (


courtesy of Whole Living 2012 Action Plan) and roasted red pepper soup. I have been drinking lots of water and snacking on fruit and dried nuts. I have noticeably more energy today and look forward to continuing on with my program.

What are your plans and goals for 2012? Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? I would love to hear from you and see what you have planned for the coming year!