My Etsy Picks: Calling Cards

I have been contemplating getting calling cards. They are a great networking tool for anyone, and as a blogger they are even better exposure. Sometimes when I am out and happen to tell people about my blog I wish I had card so that I could hand it to them instead of just telling them the address. It would also be nice just simply for when someone asked for my email. I already have business cards for work, but really need personal calling cards. I have collected a few of my favorites on Etsy below...and some that I feel really speak to me:

These first two calling cards have beautiful details that I think really speak to me and Fork and and cooking, of course! These lovely designed calling cards are by Nancy Nikko Designs and she has even more illustrations to choose from.

This next set of business cards is just purely awesome. They are a set of block prints of fruit and veggies by Rigel Stuhmiller. I think that these cards also speak to me and my love of cooking and produce. They would be a splurge, but totally worth it!

The third calling card has this awesome art deco vibe to it by Old Paper and Prints. I really like the design asthetic of this card with the lemons and the shapes. It also is the most affordable of the calling cards because it's a download file, which you can print.

The last calling card is a custom card, but I love the illustrations and layout of it. I think it has a fun vibe to it and would be interested in seeing what cool design they would come up with that suits me.
The Dapper Paper Co. is a husband and wife team that also does custom wedding invites branding and logo design, as well as posters.

Photo Credits: 1,2. Nancy Nikko Designs, 3. Rigel Stuhmiller, 4. Old Paper and Prints
5. The Dapper Paper Co.