A Corner of Our Casa

I wanted to introduce a new feature I hope to be sharing with you every couple of weeks called, "A Corner of Our Casa." I will share snapshots of little corners and details from our cozy abode. We rent our tiny little casa and over the years I have decorated and reorganized furniture to make this charming little house a home for Will, Cassidy and I. To start things off is a peek into my favorite place of the house, and where I have spent the most time decorating...our living room.

 When my brother and sister-in-law were married last Labor Day my mom drove a U-Haul up with some hand-me-down and family heirloom furniture. Some of it is on display in our home and some of it is still in storage in our basement until we move to a larger home. One of those pieces is our couch. When I was about thirteen my mom had this couch custom designed when we moved to a larger home. It is an olive green sectional, of which my mom still has the companion shays lounge. It is rather large and not entirely my design style, but it is a high quality couch in great condition. When I have trouble sleeping in our bed I sometimes come out here to watch tv shows on my computer.

Another piece of furniture my mom brought up was my great-grandmother's rocking chair (my father's grandmother). Although I never met her (she passed away in 1976), I grew up hearing stories of her when my dad put me to bed. He had many fond stories of living with her on the reservation. His mother lived in California, but travelled often for work, which meant he was cared for by his grandmother. He split his time on the Blackfeet reservation in Browning, Montana (yes, I am American Indian; Blackfeet and Choctaw) as well as in San Jose, California. This was his great-grandmother's chair at his home in San Jose. Knowing how much she meant to my father and how this chair served as a memory of her, it is very dear to me.

Will's sister and brother-in-law gave me the movie poster prints one year from Christmas. They are images from some of my favorite films reinvented. The artist is Claudia Varosio and you can find her work


on Etsy. They are one of the first things that made our house a home and I treasure them.

I am so proud of finding this mid century modern coffee table! I found it on Craigslist. The seller had a stall at a local vintage store and she was moving so everything in her stall was crazy on sale. It is literally the coolest home furnishing I own. I love how it is cutout and has little cubbies, containing all my different coasters. Underneath the glass is my Peter Lindbergh, "Portfolio" photography


. He is my favorite fashion editorial photographer and I highly recommend checking out his work. Unfortunately, when Cassidy was a young pup she chewed off the corner (hence why it is flipped over). It's a real shame because this was a first edition copy, before it was rereleased in paperback form.

The stoneware vase and tray were from one of my favorite shops,

Ink & Peat

. They have the best collection of housewares, jewelry, and apothecary as well as floral shop! If we get married I would totally register with them, and the best part is they now have an online shop, so if you live elsewhere: check them out! I love silverdollars and seashells. I can't remember when Will found it, but that is his awesome find.

Lastly, but not least is the bar and record cabinet. Please don't mind our router and modem below! At the same vintage shop where I purchased our coffee table I found this cabinet and at $20 bucks it was quite the steal! It doubles as our record cabinet and bar. However, when we move I will convert this either fully to the bar or as a record cabinet. My receiver is quite old and is on the fritz and will need to be replaced soon, but the turntable is brand spanking new! Will replaced my old turntable a few years back for my birthday with this digital ready Numark. I am embarrassed to say that I have yet to digitize my records since I got it. For my sixteenth birthday my brother gave me the Beastie Boys print. It is a screen print signed and numbered by the artist from their Hello Nasty Tour in Australia. My mom had it matted and framed for me that same year. My barware and glasses are a collection of vintage finds and modern pieces. We are pretty limited on space so I haven't expanded on this collection yet, but it would be nice to add some more finds.

That's it for this leg of our tour. I hope you enjoyed peeking at our little casa and hearing what makes our house a home. Stay tuned for future posts on our sweet little abode!