Superbowl Sunday Snowshoeing

I forgot to share these photos last week, but better late than never. I am not a huge football fan, honestly my favorite part of the Superbowl is the food! It is a rest week for Will's training, which meant that we had a whole Sunday off together, so he had the awesome idea that we could go snowshoeing on Superbowl Sunday. We first set out to go snowshoeing at Trillium lake by Mount Hood, unfortunately everyone else had the same idea as us and the parking lot was a nightmare! The night before, Will's sister and brother-in-law brought us snowshoes to borrow and keyed us in on another location up the road. We were happy they did because we ended up going there (Twin Lakes/Frog Lake). It was a lot quieter and Cassidy had plenty of room to run around.

That week we had a nice stretch of sunny weather and that day was no exception. It was pretty sunny and a beautiful day to be out at Mt Hood. The trail was a little hilly and I am still out of shape so I ended up straining my hip flexor and had to hike the second half back to the car sans snowshoes (boo). It was about 1 1/2 to 2 miles into the lower lake, which was frozen with snow over it. On our way in we met some folks that had snowshoed in with their dog the day before and built an igloo to camp in. We walked around the lake to find the igloo and took some photos in it. Cassidy was leaping and bounding through the snow the whole hike. She loved it and when we got home she was so tired (bonus!). We're now exiting snow season, but next year I'd like to go snowshoeing more and even give cross country skiing a go!