Instaweek, a weekly wrap up

Now that Instagram is available for Android users I am officially hooked....along with several other million users! I've been taking pictures like crazy with Instagram, and while it's no substitute for the photo quality of the dslr I use, it totally makes up for in charm, convenience and weight. In celebration of my new fixation I thought I would introduce a new feature post, Instaweek, a weekly wrap up of Instagram pictures of my life. This first post actually includes photos from the past two weeks.

Row 1: Yesterday morning Will and I enjoyed lattes and pastries from our neighborhood coffeeshop; Will and Cassidy enjoying some quality snuggle time (it's our favorite past time!); Making a spinach and toasted walnut pesto for pasta dinner (recipe up on the blog this week).
Row 2: Shopping for chocolates at Honest Chocolates in Newberg with Patty (they charge by the pound!); Enjoying the sun with Will on Easter Sunday in my new vintage spring frock; Catching some good conversation and happy hour with friends at The Teardrop Lounge (they make the best artisan cocktails!).
Row 3: This sweet kitty cat was a little tired from all the Easter festivities; Getting some ink work done at New Rose Tattoo with Traci on my Margaret Kilgallen tattoo (color comes next in about 3 weeks); Having my favorite afternoon snack: toast with fromage blanc, roasted grape tomatoes and fresh thyme.

That's a snippet of two weeks in my life. You can follow me on Instagram under the username, forkandvine. Also if you have an Instaweek like post I'd love to see it, feel free to link up using the form below!