Life Happens Sometimes

Funny, but true. Life happens sometimes and you have a million things on your plate and something's gotta give, but what? Unfortunately, for me it was the blog the last month or so. My apologies, but I hope you understand that you just can't take it all on, no matter how hard you try. Fork and Vine has taken a back seat lately to work, wedding planning, housing changes and family changes. Fear not, though! I am not abandoning Fork and Vine. I just needed some time to collect my thoughts and re-prioritize.

Thank you to all my new readers! Your kind words and encouragement have definitely motivated me to keep pushing through and I am so happy that you found my little spot in the blogging world! A lot of you have found from the Thrive,


, chair I won on Miss Jame's blog,


. I gotta tell you I was a little in disbelief when I was reading that I won such an amazing giveaway. I can't wait for my new chair to arrive and will definitely have to do a post once I receive it. She is such a sweet lady for sharing my blog with you and I am totally inspired by her blog and beautiful!

Any who, I hope you stay tuned as I will be working diligently on some new content for Fork and Vine these next few days. Thank you for your patience and have a sunny Sunday!