I am sorry for the silence around here. I feel like I often get stuck in a blogging rut where instead of pushing through I just give up. When it comes to my personal life and hobbies I have a real problem getting motivated enough to get things done. I am also horrible when it comes to prioritizing. Two equally bad traits that makes for a bad blogger. However, I will say that taking this time away from blogging while planning a wedding, trying to sell a house and working harder in my professional life as still allowed me time to enjoy the summer. I have been riding my bike more, maybe not nearly as much as I should, but I have the motivation to at least ride 1-2 times a week.

Will and I have been spending a lot of quality time together. We've been discussing a lot of plans for the wedding honeymoon and what we both want are wedding to be. Having a small, intimate wedding is something we both agree on strongly, but once we started to write out the guest list we realize that it will be more difficult to achieve. I try to keep mum about the planning when talking to most people because we are trying to have a smaller wedding, but it's a little delicate when others ask me how the planning is coming, or outrightly asking if they are invited...awkward! After reading and asking other brides advice I am just going to have to come with terms that there WILL be hurt feelings.

My family and I are selling our investment property in Eugene and Will and I will be buying our first home very soon. It is a very scary and exciting time for us. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with the sale of our home and that we are able to close soon. I can't wait for us to move into our dream home and for "ever after to begin."

I have been reading a ton this summer and there is a pile of wine books I need to get cracking on. This fall I will be embarking on a new journey with my career by taking the International Sommelier Guild Diploma course. In short a Sommelier is a trained wine professional whose knowledge stretches from wines, regions, storing, pairings (I could go on), but for a more detailed synopsis please visit


. I am excited and nervous because it has been a couple years when I first started taking classes. With some industry friends we will start a tasting group, which will be a fun and proactive way to get back into things.

Thank you all for being understanding and supporting me and my endeavors to be a better blogger. Tomorrow I look forward to bringing you super tasty roasted salsa verde recipe...and did I mention it's crazy easy!