Wedding Wednesday: Dress Shopping!

Oops! This went a day early. Apparently, I should be wearing my glasses at night! Nevertheless, enjoy Wedding Wednesday one day early!

Don't worry. I have no plans of inundating you with a wedding post every Wednesday, but here and there it's fun to share our planning with you, and what better way than to start things off with wedding dress shopping!

I am a real planner. We've picked out our venue, started looking at vendors, and I have already found and purchased my wedding dress...a year before the wedding. My sister came to visit earlier this summer and we decided that my mom, sister and I would go wedding dress shopping. I have been wanting to visit

Xtabay's Bridal Boutique

since they opened. I love vintage and this bridal boutique is chocked full of beautiful vintage dresses and gowns.

We made an appointment for first thing in the morning and my sweet mama and sister got some goodies  to nibble on while I tried on dresses. Our host, Joanne, made us mimosas too!

Wedding dress shopping can be exhausting so here's my sister breaking it up with silliness, mimicking the mannequin.

Although lovely, none of the dresses I tried on were ones I took home. I am keeping my dress a surprise for Will. This first dress I loved and really fit with my 60s style. Unfortunately, it was entirely too warm for a late summer wedding.

I, initally, thought that I wanted a cute vintage tea length gown (I still do), but after trying this one on I felt more like I was in a prom dress than a wedding dress. It had a fun bit of sparkle to it thought.

This dress was actually a reproduction of a 20s pattern. It was my absolute favorite. When I put it on I definitely felt like a bride. It was simple, but the silhouette was oh so lovely. Sadly, it was just a little too tight on me. I would easily bust a seam if I were to shake my groove thang!

Thanks for reading about our journey and have a great Wednesday!