A Long Overdue Return

Hello! I have returned from my sudden and never-ending (what seemed like) sabbatical. I apologize for the nearly year and a half return, but unfortunately life got in the way of my blog. To be honest, I am a horrible procrastinator that struggles with the whole work/life balance thing. Sometimes, I find that when I come home from work I tend to retreat into myself and take to lazy habits instead of taking time for my hobbies. A lot has happened in that time and I finally feel at the place in my life where I have the drive to return to my writing whole-heartedly. I don't want to make empty promises of scheduled posts and regular content. The only thing I can say is that I hope to share my life with you as often as I can and within my own limits. 

Before I dive into all the changes that have happened in my life during my absence, I want to tell you a few changes around Fork and Vine. You will find that my domain name has since changed tokatelaubernds.com to make it easier for those trying to find my blog, as well as to better brand myself. Fork and Vine will continue to be the fun loving lifestyle blog that you remember, full of posts on my life and family in Portland, food and drink recipes, wine posts, and general interests. Please find links to all my Social sites on the right hand navigation bar to connect with me elsewhere.

Where do I even begin? How do I dumb down all my life changes in nearly 2 years to a summary, without sounding contrite? Well, I can't. However, in the weeks to follow I plan to bring you individual posts that highlight these milestones in their own special posts.

By far one of the most significant change that has happened is that I married my best friend and greatest love, Will. It was a whirlwind and incredible day. We had an intimate wedding surrounded by 90 of our closest friends and family. I look forward to sharing a sincere post with you soon. For now, enjoy this pic from our first look together:

2013 also treated us to the opportunity of becoming home owners. Will and I are now proud homeowners of a cute ranch house in SW Portland. Our home feels like a little cabin in the woods. I wake up everyday thankful we have a cozy home to call our own. In the Spring/Summer I like to enjoy a good lounge on our back deck. Doesn't it look like a forest back there?

For our honeymoon, Will and I took a road trip down to California. We spent most of our time in the Northern Redwoods, camping, hiking and biking. We also spent a few days in Santa Rosa and toured wine country through Sebastapol and Healdsburg. On our way home, we camped near Shasta at Castle Crag State Park. By far, my favorite (and I think Will's too) was the time we spent in the Redwoods. It was beautiful, peaceful and exactly what we needed post wedding craziness.

In late Summer, my sister, Sarah, moved to Portland to attend college. I'm so happy to have my sis here and feel blessed that both my siblings live in the same city as me. She is quite busy with school, but it's nice to take the time to attend soccer games with her, or grab lunch or dinner and chat. I'm so proud of her accomplishments and cannot wait to share more of our time together on the blog. 

Lastly, the most welcomed and significant change is that Will and I are happy to announce that we are pregnant and will be welcoming a little girl into our lives in July 2014. We are overwhelmed with joy and cannot wait to meet this special little person.

I appreciate your continued readership and look forward to getting back in the blogging game. Stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks and moving forward. Cheers!